Thursday, October 4, 2012


         HEY GUYS!!!!! :D It's me again! I finally returned. It's been a while. School's been keeping me VERY busy, and I didn't have time. :S But here I am again! :)
         So I followed through with my promise- the picture I did for the Relient K concert! :) I never turned it into a shirt, but I had it with me at the concert (where I met and sung and goofed off with John Warne :3) and got John, Matt (Hoopes), Ethan, and Jon to sign it! XD That was a pretty wonderful concert.
         I had also gotten really bored at a best buy, so I drew a potato an wrote a poem-
"So today's a rainy day
I don't quite know what to say
POTATO." (I'm paraphrasing, by the way)
         I've been trying to convey emotions by using the body more than the face now, so I drew a very common (sadly enough) emotion first- anger/depression. The words in the background say "Wrap your arms around me, I know, Waking up with a tear stained pillow, It's hard to understand when no one ever seems to care (hawk nelson song verses."
         I'm also thinking of writing a short story, which is found in this picture- "And when she awoke, the memory was gone."
         Sorry it's not that long of a post, guys- I do have homework to tackle. -_- Later, skater gators! XD
                      -yours truly.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Texts at 1:30.

         So just the other night, I was falling asleep (as usual) and all of a sudden, I heard a vibration from the side of my bed. In a haze, I reach over and grab my phone to check why. And again, it vibrated. AND AGAIN. I was well awake now and I saw there were 3 messages- all from Raze.
                            "Hey, I'm stalking your blog, and I've found stories about me! Like the one with the rubric with science. :) Love ya, Buddy!"
         After reading this one, I looked at the time; 1:30 A.M.
                            "Sorry, didn't realize it was so late. O.o"
         Of course, this was certainly something that Raze would do. *smirk*
                             "NIGHT! :)"
         Y'see, this is the exact situation I've never been in before. I was kinda awake, so I just replied with what I could think of to begin with.
                             "Lol, awesome! Glad youre my blag stalker, bro. Love ya too, buddy! I was wondering. *stare into space, who is texting me...* Night! :D"
                               Night! :D :D :D"
         I told him I would blog about this, so I know that this isn't exactly the most rewarding of posts but hey- it's a treat for Raze. Jeez, I talk about him like he's a dog. Nonetheless, it was an awkward conversation at nearly 2 in the morning and I honestly didn't really remember it too well until I looked through my phone again.
         Anyways, I finally finished my summer reading a week before school starts and I'm also writing an epic poem. Not epic like "EPIC" but epic as in very long. A story with the rhyming scheme of ABAB. IT'S MUCH MORE DIFFICULT THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. Ugh, I can't stop writing, but it's very hard. :S
         I have a few new pics to post later today. BRACE YOURSELF!!!!
         ......well, this was short. I don't have much to say. I'll be back later to post again!!!!!

Love y'all! <3

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Late night skype.

         It's 2 A.M., and I am still awake here with my cousin. He's reading everything I type in a British accent (a pretty bad one, at that). *planning murder secretly >:}* So I'm pretty exhausted, I did a lot of cleaning and biking and such today. I haven't been intensely focusing on any one thing for too long, but I have noticed that no matter how hard I try, I can't focus to begin with.
         My cousin was skyping with random "fans" earlier today (at about 1-ish) and they sounded somewhat russian/french/whatever-the-heck-they-were. The weird thing was that they kept wanting to talk to ME. Yeah, some random cousin of "Nate Cashkiller." One of them kept saying "Why don't you sing with me?" and "I know you have a beautiful voice," along with "Send us a pic, Nate, of you and your cousin- she must be beautiful/cute." Here's what went through my head- "I'm glad I don't know you in real life because you sound extremely creeper-ish and why do you want to talk to me, anyways? Plus, I don't get good vibes off of you. I don't like you. Stop talking to me." Eventually, he did (thank God) and I was able to sketch in peace.
         That's about all I have to say. Next post will be of new pictures!!! :D Goodnight! Love whoever reads this idiotic thing because you read it! <3

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Currently curious

         I wonder if anyone really reads this blog. I only ever have 1 or 2 comments on every post, but that may be because I never blog about controversial stuff, like politics, gay rights, global warming, blah blah blah. Quite honestly, I think it would be best for me to not say what I think about those things for one simple reason- if I say something that someone doesn't agree with, I will be shut up and shut out by those in power and despite my "inalienable rights," they'll find a loophole. If I support gay rights, I'll be hit by those that don't. If I don't support gay rights, I'll be attacked by those that do which we all know are the ones that are well known and can easily wipe me off the map. If I love Obama, I will be hit by those that have a deep hatred for him. If I strongly dislike him, I'll be in a worse position than before and I will be beaten more than anyone else on the internet just because I'm an easy target. Honestly, I don't care about global warming, it's not a pressing issue anymore, really. I think I would rather keep this blog neutral than anything else- I just wish more people would read this stupid thing.
         I do have some more updates on my life, however. I'm going to the movies with some friends and I'm pretty excited (going to see "The Dark Knight Rises" again). I've been drawing more, so I'll post some more in a few posts. I've discovered that my eyes, lips, and toes are my favorite features that (even if I were given the opportunity to) I would never change. My dog is getting way too fat. I tell my friends that everything will be fine and that everyone will stay in contact with each other, but I'm losing faith and I'm starting to doubt the comforting words I feed to the others. I like Mexican Coca-Cola better than regular Coke, but my favorite soda is Mountain Dew. I don't think I'm going to get any bigger (except sideways, maybe). I've been playing the bass more and I think I'm improving ever so slightly. I always wear a watch- I have for years and it always leaves an annoying tan line. My cousin is coming into town tonight (Wednesday night) and will be here for a few days, and then will be leaving and returning, but this time, STAYING until he can rent out his own house. I love listening to my friend(s) play the guitar- it makes me really happy, for some odd reason. I enjoy lightly colored eyes. Don't know what it is about them, but they're just so beautiful in their colder colors.
         I don't have much else to say. I just kinda wanted to say some stuff that was on my mind.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I need to go to bed.

         I'm not really sure what to write here this time. I'm going to a Relient K concert this August and I've designed a shirt to wear. It's pretty cool looking, I'll include it on the next post. I've already gotten my tickets in the mail and I will be fan-girling for the next month. Pretty excited!!!!
         I've been pouring over old books and yearbooks lately and I'm surprised by how many nice, heartfelt comments I've received. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to put myself down or anything, I'm just so surprised. I think it's really sweet, but it's just so funny to me. :)
         This is kind of a pointless post, so just bear with me, people. It's almost 2 in the morning and I'm just lying down in bed typing. I have all my Beatles posters looking at me (here's to you, George) and I have my calender hanging on the wall, full of social events. I got my teddy bears here next to me (my 10 year old teddy bear, Mr. Davey-my favorite). I've got a bunch of old artwork and awards for academics and choir hanging on my walls, and I've got heavy eyelids that long to see the daylight of the night. Rather, they long to see the dreams breaking on the horizon of my innermost thoughts and utmost wants.
         Enough for tonight. I need sleep.
                        Truthfully tired and forever dreaming,

Friday, June 29, 2012


         I'm going to rant this time. About EVERYTHING THAT BOTHERS ME. I don't know what else to write, so I'm going to go all out on this.
         I dislike when little kids are treated like royalty and they're the most annoying, bratty little kids on the face of the earth. I hate when people act all sweet and kind around you and then once you get to know them, they're the most disgusting person you've ever met. I hate when someone gets really close to you only to stab you in the back and leave you for dead. I hate when people judge me because of the way I dress, or laugh, or do anything that I do. I hate being shut out by close friends because someone is rotting inside from telling lies and rumors about me. I hate being hurt by people I love and will always love, despite how much I want to hate them.
         I can't stand it when my friends are picked off like so many insects because they hang out with me, or because of how they walk and talk, or simply because of how they look. I wish I could live without everyone hurting those people who are different from the rest. I wish that people could see the difference between love and lust. I wish that society today could take the film off their eyes and realize that the world around them is crumbling and that we need to make a difference.
         I understand people may not share the same views as me, but I've said I hate what people do and what they say and such, but I can't say I hate anyone. No matter how hard I may try, I just can't hate a PERSON.
         Sigh. Alright.
                                         Deflated anger.
                                                                                I feel better.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Crazed family eating Cheetos.

         So right now, I'm in little Pearsall, TX and I've noticed my family's gone completely insane. I over-hear my cousins arguing about zombies and whether they run fast or slow (they run slow, by the way). I also see that my grandparents found a turtle and have it in the backyard along with 2 dogs, a pond full of fish, and an oversized cat. My cousin also has a baby whale (oversized beta fish). Oh, the joys of being in America.
         My family's so peculiar. I guess that's why people like my family so much. I think they like them because they just haven't seen them in their natural habitat. My dad is a blacksmith, married to a nurse (match made in clumsy heaven). I am a clumsy little chickee who needs glasses and looks horrible in a bun. My cousin dresses like a spastic beautician and IS a spastic beautician. My other cousin is engaged to a childhood friend and loves his meat and potatoes a little TOO much (kind of round, but it's cool). Lastly, my dog has gotten to be twice the size of what she used to be- she's my fat little sausage.
         I don't really know where else to go with this post. I'm drawing some new pictures and I'll be posting them soon. One is a dog (if Raze is reading this, it's your dog), another is a sweet picture of amazing-ness (it's actually one of my favorites), and some other picture, but I don't know which one yet. Y'know what I've also noticed? Cheetos.
         Cheetos are so...........weird. I mean, they're unnatural and so oddly shaped. It's covered with artificial cheese and it tastes so funky, not to mention the gross texture. The weird thing is that I used to love Cheetos. I ate them ALL THE TIME as a little kid. I don't know what happened, but they're just so gross now.
         I guess this is kind of a short post. It's the shortest post I've ever written. There wasn't really a point to this post, was there? Oh well. It's cool. Anyhow......... Yeah.
                                                        Yours truly,

Sunday, May 27, 2012

OCD Hipster

         I feel like such a hipster today. I went to starbucks to get my iced frappuccino. After that, I made my mind up that when I get home, I'd blog. Then I'd check on my photos on my iPod. All the while, I walked wearing some Birkenstock sandals, a tank top underneath my button up shirt (only buttoned up halfway), cargo pants, a satchel hitting my side, and my hair down and flowing in the wind. Such a hipster moment. The thing is, I didn't realize it was totally hipster until I said it aloud and got out of my car. 
         Anyways, I was talking to my friend the other day and we got onto the subject of "My Little Pony." I told her how amazing I thought it was (which it is, by the way- you should all watch it) and we started talking about our favorite characters. It then came to our minds to figure out who we were as the ponies. She said I was like Twilight Sparkle- the one who reads and studies all the time, never makes new friends unless her other friends introduce them, and has her best friend with her all the time and has to get them out of trouble. When I finally analyzed all of this, I came to a realization- I'm Twilight. Completely and utterly. It's so weird that I end up being all the main, OCD, studious characters, but I guess it makes sense. I took a quiz about which Nightmare Before Christmas character I was for fun- I was Jack. I'm Twilight Sparkles. Apparently, I look and act like Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo. I end up being all of those characters.
         Lately, I've noticed that I've been a little more spastic than usual. I don't know if it's because summer's only 3 days away, or because of my life going pretty well of late, or because I just am. I honestly don't know, but what can a girl do? It's odd, really- all my years in school, I looked forward to summer vacation, but this year, I'm kinda looking forward to it, but not really. I don't wanna leave my friends, but I wanna go to South Padre Island. I don't want a friend of mine to move to North Carolina, but I want my cousin to move in already. I don't want another friend to be in Puerto Rico for 2 months, but I want to have someone to always facetime with. I don't want my friends going to different campuses, but I'm ready to reboot my reputation. I'm a little torn, but I know there's nothing I can do. Everything has it's pros and cons, but I know I'll never be able to even them out. It's cool, though- I know I'll live. I just don't know what the difficulty of my life will be after this summer. I'm sure it'll still be relatively easy, but I just don't want certain people to leave. I only don't want them to leave because I have a fear of them forgetting me. I don't want to be forgotten- I don't want to be alone- I'm just a bit insecure about that whole thing.
         Any time I'm alone and not doing anything, I find myself hounded with past mistakes, past conversations, past heartbreaks, what I should've done, could've done, didn't do. I find that I become a graveyard for my past and a burnt map about my future. I become something that I never wanted to be- a lonely girl, stuck thinking about how I should've been more understanding, how I could've been a better friend, how I need to change everything. I need friends- I need something to do- I need. I need to
         I guess I figured out how I always end up being those characters. On the Jack Skellington quiz, it said that i was "very curious and persistent. You obsess over some things and once something gets into you head, you can't let it go. You like to be alone, but are social sometimes too. You are a leader and not a follower and don't think things through sometimes. You are the main character."  I know I normally don't think about it, but this description is pretty spot on. It's odd, really- I know it in my heart that anyone reading this post will think I'm the weirdest person in the universe. I don't mind, but I just think that I will end up causing many arguements in my many posts.
I love causing mischief. >:D

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Switching campuses

It's a Wednesday.
May 5th.
I'm not looking forward to changing schools for next year.
So many of my friends (close friends) are going to completely different schools than me. Some friends aren't, of course, and I thank heaven that they aren't. But the ones that are hit close to home. I've never made so many friends that I can just be my frumpy-old self around, and next semester is taking away a good chunk of that joy I felt. What can I do? Nothing.
That's really what hurts the most.
I'm not able to change anything, for better or worse. My friend is moving to Austin, another may be moving back to Puerto Rico, another is in Tennessee, and many are going to specialized campuses. It's not that I'm not happy for them- I am! I just wish my school had all the things they love so we'd stay together.
Too many dreams, though.
Other than that, life's ok. I'm about to eat sun chips. Going to Orange Leaf on friday with a friend. I have a concert on Saturday. And I recently bought Fun.'s albums. So I guess, if you exclude that rant on school switching, life's amazing! And I guess I'll still have a large group of friends at my new campus, so I'm sure I'll be able to bear it.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Awkward conversations, nicknames, etc.

             Not to disappoint you, but today I'm not going to post a picture. Honestly, today I just want to write. Write about junk. About stupid things that probably don't mean anything. About how socially awkward I am over the phone.  About those weird silences you have between one of your best friends when you realize you have nothing to say or hear- you just stand there. About lord of the rings. About life, essentially. What can I say?
             So I called a friend of mine today for some science stuff I needed and, needless to say, I was awkward. Here's how it kind of went down.
             *Phone starts to ring- I get all spazzy. Phone rings again- I get even more spastic.*
             *Friend answers* "Hello?"
             *I go all out and stumble over my words like I do when I call a family member I haven't talked to for months* "Heeeeeeeeyyyy...!"
              "So......It seems that I've misplaced my science guidelines and I was wondering if you have them..."
              "Oh, so, do you have Mrs. Kind (I have to come up with pseudo names)?"
              *I give a dazed look at my wall as he finally come to realization that I have the class before him* "Oh wait, you have Mrs. Evil- oh yeah."
               *I start laughing with him* "Yeah I have her just like you." Kinda why I called you, I thought.
               "Right, well, why don't I just take pictures of them and then send them to you?"
               *I stop looking for a pen and a notebook* "........yeah, that's a good idea."
               "Ok, on your phone or iPod?"
               "iPod would be great." I sound like a goober ordering in a resturant!!!! What the fudge-ing freakin' fudge is wrong with me?!?!?!? 
               "Ok, so I-"
               "Yeah so I- oh sorry..."
               "No, it's fine you go ahead."
               "Oh, well, so, do you wanna talk 'cause i meanconversationsaregreat and y'knowitwouldbeok....."
               "I'm kinda watching a movie right now......"
               "Oh, gosh, uh, well, should probably go."
               *Awkward laughter is shared over the phone, awkward goodbyes, and a phone slammed into my forehead while I quietly think and say "OhgoshughI'msuchanidiotwhydidn'tIjustcallsomeoneelseisn'titonline?!?!? UGH!!!!"*
               Y'know what's even more horrible about this? I just went online to my school website and when I went to my teachers, the rubric I needed was there. I just printed it out. I just received a face palm.
               In the background, while I'm typing this (about to dork out here :D), the backstage documentary of lord of the rings is playing. This is one of the few documentaries I really enjoy listening to. I've heard knife-making videos, 3-D movie backstage junk, all sorts of boring things, but this documentary is the one that I will actually stop, sit, watch, and LISTEN to. I love it- one of the reasons is because of Dominic Monaghan. He plays Merry/Merri (I'm not quite sure how to spell his name) in all of the movies. There's actually a reason my username is Merri Skywalker.
              As you've probably all guessed, Merri Skywalker is not my real name. I have Merri as my first name because of a time some friends and I were watching Lord of the Rings and we all decided who we were in the fellowship- I was Merri. Skywalker is because in 5th grade (and today, honestly) I wanted everyone to call me Skywalker. My first name, if it were re-arranged, would spell Anakin, and it doesn't help that I'm a star wars junkie- I wanted all of my friends to call me Skywalker!!! I thought it was cool- heck, I still think it's cool!!!!
             I'm sorry that this post is just so long, but for some reason, a lot is going through my mind. School junk, friends, procrastinating, being an idiot. I mean, you only have one life, so why not just go all out and live your life??? I know too many people that are afraid to live out their life. Life is there to live and laugh and love- not to cower in a corner of desolation and despair. What can I say? I have so many stupid, crazy things I want to do before I die, I can't afford to live my life in fear.... :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some more pics!!!!

So again, I'm bored and I downloaded the blogger app on my phone, so now I'm able to post anywhere. Short post now though because I got some stuff I need to do. So the 1st picture is of Nate Ruess, the lead singer of fun. I LOVE the way he sings!!!! The 2nd pic is of my little chihuahua violet- she realy is the chunky. So....yeah!!! Hope you like them- please comment on what's good and bad!
                            The artist,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My friends (5 and Raze) and the torn emotions

Hey hey hey again, fellow bloggers!!!! I figure "it's late- I'm bored- I still have stuff I need to do- why not blog?" And so here I am!!!! The second picture is of my friends 5 and Raze, sitting at a desk drawing (Raze is kneeling, not 5 years old). The first one I did just as a concept sketch (I love drawing people that look one way but feel another- it gives the picture more depth). What she's saying is "Words can't describe the way I feel!! If only you could perceive a glimpse of my emotion!!" She's saying this, I guess, with a smile to throw off suspicion when in reality, she's in more pain than ever before. I don't really know why I've been drawing things like this so much now- I guess I just kinda like it. I've always been the sort of person to contain all emotion and then, when I'm with a close friend, just go ballistic and explode. But I guess that's
No changing that (for better or worse).
Yours truly,

Saturday, April 7, 2012

2 more pictures! :D

Hey-oh, guys!!! Yeah, so, I figured I should go ahead and post some more pictures of stuff! So, the girl with the screaming shadow (it says "I've never been happier") was actually for the April instagram challenge (photo sharing app) and I had to do a shadow. Well, I've never really been good at shadow play, so I figure I ought to draw it instead! The second picture (of a ranger and one of the elves [for lord of the rings fans]) was merely for fun. I apologize for the whole no paragraph thing- post from iPod again. ;\ Anyhow, tell me what you think of the pics!
-the artist.

Friday, April 6, 2012

"5," Mr. Rogers, and 7th grade goatees.

            Let's see....what has happened in the past few days that is worthy of posting about?
                                            AH! Here's something.
            I was talking to a friend of mine (we call him "5-" don't ask me why) and we always go to get our lunch together. Well, just the other day, I went with him as usual and he brought $5 to pay for his food. Now normally, he would put it on his tab for later dates, but that day, he wanted change back. Apparently, the cashier was caught off guard and when he asked, all of us in the line waited for about 5 minutes.
                       Needless to say, it was the most awkward 5 minutes I've ever experienced.
             He and I stood there, in silence, just shooting each other with mind bullets and glances that said everything that needed to be said- "Of all days, why would you choose the day with the longest line to ask for change back?" See, the change rolls that had all the quarters he needed weren't open yet and somehow, the cashier had trouble opening them. I turned to my left to see all the people with their spiteful glances, and trust me when I say it was a very short glance. I must've had the fear of God in my eyes, because "5" and I simply stood there, awkwardly coughing to dismiss the silence, only to find that we were utter failures at getting rid of awkwardness. If anything, it made things even MORE awkward than before!!! When he finally got all of his change, the most excruciating time of our young lives were finally over and when I bid him goodbye, I paid my money, but I told her to put the change on my tab and quickly walked away from the line.
                               That moment of my life will never be forgotten.
              So lately, I've been addicted to Olan Rogers videos and I find myself sounding more and more like him as time goes on. It isn't necessarily bad, but when you don't even realize you're quoting something, it shows that you're starting to lose your mind. I mean, I think it's a little early on in my life to be going insane, but what can I say- I've always been an early bloomer (great). I love Olan Rogers and all, but when did I start sounding more like him instead of myself? My dad keeps pointing it out. "Aw, again? I mean, really? Freaking AGAIN?!!?"
              "Stop it, Olan Rogers!"
              Gosh darn it!
              Well, anyhow, just Wednesday (4/4/2012) I was talking to some friends of mine and somehow, we got to the conversation of goatees. Here's what happened- I was standing with some friends (Sofiee, Lieamsh [nickname I made up for him], and Raze [another nickname], but he was kinda just on the side) and we were just kinda chilling, waiting for our rides to come by and pick us up. Randomly, Lieamsh says "I hate it when there are people like 7th graders or something that have goatees when they can barely grow facial hair."
                 "I know! I mean they're, like, these little people that can grow, like, three curly hairs and they just keep them there!" replied Sofiee.
                 "YES! I honestly just wanna take a razor to their faces and just chop it off!"
                  "Yeah, I mean, I don't see a point to it. The same with balding guys- honestly, if they're balding, they should shave it all off," said I, and so the topic was actually a very interesting topic. Really- you should bring goatees to your friends sometime and see where the conversation goes.
                    So yeah.
                                I think that's all I got for you right now.
                                                                -Yours truly,

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The girl with the shattered happiness

I recently drew this picture of a girl holding a cracking, smiling mask and I thought that it was a good used symbolism. If there are any opinions, please tell me- good or bad, I'd love the feedback. :)
Of late, I have been studying and working my arsh off for exit exams, tests, and just regular days and personally, I think it's crazy that we have to do sooooo much stuff just to earn a good grade or a decent one at least. I mean, I'm tired and I'm trying my best, but I can't help but worry about whether my best is good enough (by the way, this is the first post I'm doing off of my iPod, so if it looks off, tell me 'cause I don't know how it looks).
So yeah. Short post because I'm tired and running out of go-juice (sleep). Please leave some feedback on the picture I drew!!!! :D

Friday, March 16, 2012


               This time, I honestly don't think there's a point to this post. I'm kinda just writing to get my thoughts down on electronic paper. I wonder, for the people that actually do read this blog, if they think it's weird, or stupid, or equivalent to the great American novel. Sometimes, I wish I could see what people were thinking. Just for fun, but not all the time; I could control whose mind I was reading. Like if I see that it's very obvious that someone doesn't like someone else.
               "Oooooooh, she is such a jerk! How could she possibly try to even be my friend? So annoying!"
               See, that's when I would come in. "HEY! YOU! YEAH, YOU! SHE (I'd point to the girl whose mind I was reading) THINKS YOU'RE AN ANNOYING JERK!!!! YEAH; YOU SHOULD TELL HER WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND!!!!" Then the girl whose mind I read would look at me and I'd say "No need to thank me."
                            Then I'd give her a cheesy thumbs up with a smile and a wink. 
               Recently, I found out that a friend of mine was moving to the other side of the world (Japan) and, honestly, that well and truly sucks. He was a really close friend, and it really hurts to know and understand the fact that he's leaving. All I know is that Asia is getting their best family back. The goodbye party was the worst party ever. The best time I ever had with him; the last best time for years to come. I don't know when I'll see him again; I don't know IF I'll see him again. Then again, that can be said about anyone. Anybody that we know could easily be gone before we know it; I know this first hand. The only thing I wish is that I wish I knew when I was going to see him again. The times are changing, my friends are changing, and I'm still trying to catch up.
               A lot of other friends I have are figuring out what they want to pursue as a career and leaving to go to schools that specialize in those fields, and I didn't even apply to any school like that. I want to do something in the arts, but I still don't know what. It's not like I don't have time, but I want to figure it out soon. I'm very impatient. :)
               I don't understand people. They say they love someone and then go around with someone else. They give out these feelings, but mean something else. All I know is that people are very complicated. I think they try to make life much more difficult than what it has to be. Life could be very simple; you learn from mistakes, grow up, become an adult- life has a simple formula. But I guess people often time get the equations confused with other symbols.......

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stessful vibes

                        I feel like something's wrong. Not exactly bad, but just off. I can't put my finger on it, I really can't, but I feel like something BIG might happen soon. Like someone's going to lose their temper or just breakdown. I don't know why, but I'm getting this vibe and I can't shake it. I don't know if it'll be me (probably), a friend (perhaps- some names do come up in my head), or family (maybe; it's not impossible). I don't even know how to say it; I just feel it. If I'm not the only one, please tell me- I'm starting to think I'm going insane (if it hasn't already happened).
                       I'm listening to my "Hawk Nelson" station on Pandora right now. Again, I'm procrastinating. Right now, I'm trying to focus on Jason Dunn's voice rather than my project due next Monday (I'm almost semi-done). Hehehe, the irony is that the song is called "Nothing Left to Show." That's probably what's going to happen if I don't get started on my research for a different project due in about 2 weeks. HA! I'm going into a state of hysteria. I'm so spastic about my projects, I'm laughing randomly (first, the vibes- now I'm in hysterics. Maybe I have gone insane.). This is CRAZY!!!! What is it with teachers and professors assigning projects to be due right after spring break?!?!! And then, 2 weeks back in school, I have finals for 2 or 3 subjects!!! I fail to see how testing us right after spring break shows the best we can do. Our brains are still frazzled from tanning and chilling, dearest teacher!!!!
                       Gosh, so much for common sense.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pearsall, Music, and Procrastinating

                    Right now, as we all know to be true (thank God), is spring break. However, I will be in a town called Pearsall for the next couple of days. I've been running down the battery on my iPod by using instagram too much. I've been posting more and more and even MORE pictures on there. I'll find a way to better occupy my time, but I already know what I have to do.
                          RESEARCH. FOR. PROJECTS. THAT. ARE. SO. TIME-CONSUMING!!!!!!!
                     It's going to sound weird, but has anyone out there noticed that when you're listening to a movie soundtrack, the right song comes up at just the right moment? I have my iPod on shuffle right now, and I've heard 2 songs from lord of the rings already. The thing is that the right songs come up at the right moment. Right now, as I'm having this epiphany, a choir of elves are singing and just as I'm starting to get a brain-writer-block-thing, the music goes into a deep, omnious, dark theme. It's just all so convinent that it happens at just the right time.
                     There was one time I was at the gun show and I was going to the restroom (not unheard of). My headphones were still on, and the song "Bag End" came on from the lord of the rings movie soundtrack. It was calm and peaceful, with flutes and soft wind instruments. But all of a sudden, I got stuck behind these really slow people. Right then, it started to crescendo and go into a desperate, creepy tone. I had to cover my mouth to try my best not to laugh out loud. Right after I got out from behind them, the song went back to the gentle, soothing melody it was before and when I walked into the restroom, the song started to decrescendo. By the time I was washing my hands, the song ended and the next song came.
                      Music always has a funny way of jamming it's funky foot into the door of your life. At the exact moment you slam the door in it's face, you look down and see a crooked foot stuck at the bottom, preventing the door from being closed. Somehow, it always shows back up, whether you want him or not. :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stupid Drama

                   Sigh. The drama of all of my friends. I was never EVER involved in drama earlier, and somehow I became a part of it this year. I mean, I love giving advice, I like knowing that I'm important enough to you to tell me your problems, but I honestly don't know why you have that much drama to begin with. We're young, we smell good, we're all pretty chill, and yet people (my friends) refuse to accept that we live in reality, not a novella.
                  "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!!! I AM NOT FAT!!! (slap slap)"
                  "Melinda, I swear, I only said that your skirt was puffy....."
                  And then soon after she runs away crying with poor little Lupe running close behind. I simply fail to see how these stupid arguments they have are relevant to the rest of their life. If someone told me I were fat, I'd be angry, but it wouldn't exactly become my new-found hatred.....sigh. I just don't understand.....

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hey! So I'm here at the gun show and I figured I would post my first picture on the blog!!! I drew her a while back (a month or 2) and I know the hands are a little messy, but I've always kinda liked this style of drawing. Oh, the shading! I had posted this on instagram and added some different shading so it's more noticeable (yes, I took a photo of a drawn picture- it's easier than scanning). If you don't know already, I REALLLLY don't like having to wake up early on the weekend to go to a gun show of all things, but this is going to be my dad's last gun show for a while (he's a blacksmith, so he sells some of his knives). I'm actually a bit nervous about posting the picture; as I mentioned earlier, this is the first time I'm posting online for all of the world to see. Treat the picture like a marshmallow- poke and prod all you want, but don't burn or melt it. Also, please remember I'm no pro- I'm just an amateur cartoonist. ;)
                                                    Your Artist,

Friday, March 2, 2012

Blank stares at blank pages....

             Hm. It's interesting, really. All this week, my days have been all mixed up. Monday felt like a really weird Saturday, Tuesday felt like Wednesday, Wednesday (for me) felt like a Tuesday in the morning and a Thursday in the afternoon. Thursday felt like a Wednesday (and a stressful one at that), and today (Friday) felt like a Saturday. I've had trouble putting the name of the week to the day of the week and I still don't know why. 
             When I think of torture, I think of being in a foreign world where I am left alone. I love being alone, don't get me wrong, but when I am placed in a strange environment, I don't mind a bit of company. Somehow, I have this nightmare-ish image of waking up one morning and walking outside only to find a whole different world and not a friend that cares. I don't really know why I have this fear; that, and butterflies or any sort of flying insects. I just don't understand why I have these irrational fears (yes, this includes insects).
              So I have a UIL contest next Friday and I'm pretty nervous. It's for our advanced and intermediate choir; I'm in advanced, so I'll be competing with them. The only real reason I'm nervous is because I am slightly worried that we'll make just the slightest mistake and the judges will just knock us for it. I shouldn't be worried about our choir- I have confidence and faith in not just myself, but the others. I just feel like there's going to be really grumpy judges.
              I don't really know how to finish this entry, but I guess I could simply state what's on my mind.......(blank stare at blank lines)...........nothing is on my mind.
dododoooodododoododddoooo (humming random music that comes into my head)....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

These Past Few Days (have been very odd)

                 My, my, where do I start??? So many things have happened in this past week; one of which is what I'll affectionately call as "The Case of the Calculator Stalker." Over the course of a few months, I was assigned a calculator to use when doing algebra. All of us share calculators; mine is number 15. What was happening was that I would receive messages on there from whoever had it earlier. The first few times, it said "you're awesome :)" and that gave me an ego boost (not like I needed one). About a week or so ago, it left the lyrics to one of my favorite songs called "We Are Young" and that completely made my day. But just this past week, it said my name! I found out who this was (it was a great friend of mine), but I still haven't found out who did the other ones.
                 Last weekend, I was previewing a new album by a band I was beginning to become very fond of and (unfortunately) just soiled their good name. In the 1st 20 seconds of the first song, the lead singer dropped the f-bomb, leaving the clue that multiple other words were on their way and needless to say, I didn't need to hear any more. I was heartbroken and left to simply leave my laptop in a room, so if anyone had any good bands they want to recommend, that could help out. It was just such a disappointment and from such a good band, I would expect something better; I wouldn't be surprised if later they just faded into obscurity.
                   This weekend, however, was a bit of an interesting lazy sort-of weekend. I wasn't able to write here during the week because I got busy, but yesterday and most of today, I had some friends over and we watched "Lord of the Rings" (or at least what we could fit in an 8-hour time frame). I couldn't even believe I was able to stay awake for most of it. I love those movies, but please take into consideration the fact that we started watching at about 10-ish and stayed awake until 2:30, then woke up and at about noon watched more until 3. HOW INSANE!!!!!
                    My, my, how will I end??? With the other posts, I had a bit more of a point.... OH! I have an assignment for anyone who opens and reads this blog (not like there are many). Your assignment is to look up "Olan Rogers" on YouTube and watch all of his videos. Trust me, I almost peed when I watched the clips; HILARIOUS! This, by the way, is a little less of an assignment and more of a fun activity. Do this one solid and I will present you with more solids (Ghost in the Stalls- highly recommended). :^]

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Morning

             I think that my mind has been officially been frazzled. I can't think of a single thing to write about today. Currently, I'm watching random music videos on T.V. and I think its really odd how most of the time the videos have nothing to do with the song. I've also noticed how no-one in country music ever lives up to the status of "country." I mean, I'm not much of a country music fan, but I know that those singers could live up to something more. There are a few that are talented, but they're far and few between.
             Another thing; why is it that grown women try to sound like they're little 13 year old girls when we know very well that they're the opposite (31)? It's rather frustrating to see how people sell themselves just to make a chunk of cash. Someone may have even the smallest scrap of talent and then, all of a sudden, you see their whole body scantily clothed on some stage, singing about uncensored things that should remain in a special secret room (i.e., Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, etc., etc.).
             Anyhow, before I go off on a giant rant about this topic, I may as well change the subject. I think people should come up with an alternative to cussing. I use words like wonky, wongle, pooter, and a plethora of other words  that replace the things I'd like to say. It's more fun. Things really have gone kind of haywire since the 1920's. Don't know what that has to do with anything, but I'll say it anyways.
             I really have run out of things to talk about. Sigh........
             What to do.........

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Plot Thickens......

           Everything is O.K. I've made friends, I've drifted from friends, and yet the world still turns around and around. I can't bear the thought, however, that one day I'll be old enough to be the one people look up to. Not literally, of course; I've been 5 feet and 1/2 an inch since 6th grade. Everything seems to be going quickly, but why does the world refuse to believe it? I don't even know who I'm writing this to. It's odd, really- I'm pouring my heart and soul for you to see and you don't even know how I look. I've always liked being a sort of mysterious person, but you're about to read all of these problems and things that go on in my mind like it's the newest issue of "TIME." It's truly dizzying- I can't put it together.
            Weird, isn't it? I just pounce on all of these random things and you don't even know what grade I'm in, or if I'm even still in school. Might as well start from the beginning, though. I'm a young person who draws, sings, and plays the bass in my spare time. Most of the time, my weekends go down the drain and then it's back to my everyday life. I live WAAAAY down south and enjoy nice walks on the beach (when I go to the beach, that is). Enough about me; let's get down to business.
             Mainly, this blog is exactly what the title says it is; the average life of a young cartoonist. I'll probably upload a few pictures on here for public viewing and you'll be welcome to post thoughts, feedback, and comments about them. Personally, I've never uploaded any of my art online, so when you comment, DON'T SUGAR-COAT IT. Don't be gentle (unless you like it). Lastly, don't post profanity- it's just tacky. Say whatever you want, but just censor it. 
             So let's do this! Time to launch this blog!
                                                   So the plot thickens.....
                                                                      -Yours truly........