Thursday, October 4, 2012


         HEY GUYS!!!!! :D It's me again! I finally returned. It's been a while. School's been keeping me VERY busy, and I didn't have time. :S But here I am again! :)
         So I followed through with my promise- the picture I did for the Relient K concert! :) I never turned it into a shirt, but I had it with me at the concert (where I met and sung and goofed off with John Warne :3) and got John, Matt (Hoopes), Ethan, and Jon to sign it! XD That was a pretty wonderful concert.
         I had also gotten really bored at a best buy, so I drew a potato an wrote a poem-
"So today's a rainy day
I don't quite know what to say
POTATO." (I'm paraphrasing, by the way)
         I've been trying to convey emotions by using the body more than the face now, so I drew a very common (sadly enough) emotion first- anger/depression. The words in the background say "Wrap your arms around me, I know, Waking up with a tear stained pillow, It's hard to understand when no one ever seems to care (hawk nelson song verses."
         I'm also thinking of writing a short story, which is found in this picture- "And when she awoke, the memory was gone."
         Sorry it's not that long of a post, guys- I do have homework to tackle. -_- Later, skater gators! XD
                      -yours truly.