Friday, March 2, 2012

Blank stares at blank pages....

             Hm. It's interesting, really. All this week, my days have been all mixed up. Monday felt like a really weird Saturday, Tuesday felt like Wednesday, Wednesday (for me) felt like a Tuesday in the morning and a Thursday in the afternoon. Thursday felt like a Wednesday (and a stressful one at that), and today (Friday) felt like a Saturday. I've had trouble putting the name of the week to the day of the week and I still don't know why. 
             When I think of torture, I think of being in a foreign world where I am left alone. I love being alone, don't get me wrong, but when I am placed in a strange environment, I don't mind a bit of company. Somehow, I have this nightmare-ish image of waking up one morning and walking outside only to find a whole different world and not a friend that cares. I don't really know why I have this fear; that, and butterflies or any sort of flying insects. I just don't understand why I have these irrational fears (yes, this includes insects).
              So I have a UIL contest next Friday and I'm pretty nervous. It's for our advanced and intermediate choir; I'm in advanced, so I'll be competing with them. The only real reason I'm nervous is because I am slightly worried that we'll make just the slightest mistake and the judges will just knock us for it. I shouldn't be worried about our choir- I have confidence and faith in not just myself, but the others. I just feel like there's going to be really grumpy judges.
              I don't really know how to finish this entry, but I guess I could simply state what's on my mind.......(blank stare at blank lines)...........nothing is on my mind.
dododoooodododoododddoooo (humming random music that comes into my head)....

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  1. Don't worry about the UIL contest, you'll do fine, and if you make a mistake, the judges wont kick you for it, they will just think "oh thats cool, yaknow everyone makes mistakes. And they do sing the song well.". don't worry about a thing, it will all be fine.