Thursday, October 4, 2012


         HEY GUYS!!!!! :D It's me again! I finally returned. It's been a while. School's been keeping me VERY busy, and I didn't have time. :S But here I am again! :)
         So I followed through with my promise- the picture I did for the Relient K concert! :) I never turned it into a shirt, but I had it with me at the concert (where I met and sung and goofed off with John Warne :3) and got John, Matt (Hoopes), Ethan, and Jon to sign it! XD That was a pretty wonderful concert.
         I had also gotten really bored at a best buy, so I drew a potato an wrote a poem-
"So today's a rainy day
I don't quite know what to say
POTATO." (I'm paraphrasing, by the way)
         I've been trying to convey emotions by using the body more than the face now, so I drew a very common (sadly enough) emotion first- anger/depression. The words in the background say "Wrap your arms around me, I know, Waking up with a tear stained pillow, It's hard to understand when no one ever seems to care (hawk nelson song verses."
         I'm also thinking of writing a short story, which is found in this picture- "And when she awoke, the memory was gone."
         Sorry it's not that long of a post, guys- I do have homework to tackle. -_- Later, skater gators! XD
                      -yours truly.

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  1. Nice!, I love your drawings! They're pretty cool...
    Its pretty funny that you're busy, with schoolwork. hah. It really might be beneficial to drop one class, though your grades aren't suffering, your health is.