Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stupid Drama

                   Sigh. The drama of all of my friends. I was never EVER involved in drama earlier, and somehow I became a part of it this year. I mean, I love giving advice, I like knowing that I'm important enough to you to tell me your problems, but I honestly don't know why you have that much drama to begin with. We're young, we smell good, we're all pretty chill, and yet people (my friends) refuse to accept that we live in reality, not a novella.
                  "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!!! I AM NOT FAT!!! (slap slap)"
                  "Melinda, I swear, I only said that your skirt was puffy....."
                  And then soon after she runs away crying with poor little Lupe running close behind. I simply fail to see how these stupid arguments they have are relevant to the rest of their life. If someone told me I were fat, I'd be angry, but it wouldn't exactly become my new-found hatred.....sigh. I just don't understand.....

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    yeah, there's a lot of weird people out there, I just try to separate myself from them, because I figure that there's always gonna be messed up people, but you cant change them, you can only change yourself. So, I just be the best I can be and if something like that does happen to me, I just sorta try to calmly walk away(like you would if there was a bear).