Sunday, March 2, 2014


New art, by the way. Just in case someone like Fabio Valle or Ben Caldwell creeps onto here.


        I don't quite understand why people think that introverts are strange creatures. People treat them like they just don't fit in. They just aren't extroverts, and now that society is so focused on creating a world of social butterflies, the shy and the introverted are left behind. So what if parties are nightmares to them? Libraries are pretty cool. So what if they hate socializing? Is it like it matters much as long as you can say what you need to? So long as you can speak to co-workers and superiors, life will be fine. But NOOOoooO. That's wrong.
        DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE LITTLE "HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR INTROVERT" THINGS. Some points are true, but introverts can handle themselves. Just freaking look up the tendencies of introverts and socially anxious people and shy people. NOT SOME STUPID LITTLE PICTURE YOU FIND ON FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM OR SOMETHING STUPID.
        People are idiots.
        Real talk here. Let's be honest. No one who may read this blog gives a crap about my personal life, so let's keep this to rants, stories, and pictures. I don't think I even care enough to write about my personal life, so great. Glad that's established. Maybe one day I'll become a famous internet blog and everyone will be like "WHoooO IS THIS MYSTERIOUS WOMAAANNNNNNNNNN" and they won't know.
         It's the perfect crime.