Saturday, January 5, 2013

English happiness.

         I don't know exactly what I should write. It's been awhile (again) since I wrote here, and I've been writing more poems and basically just venting to no one else but a handful of friends/family and God. I feel a lot happier than what I did before, it's quite wonderful. I never really noticed how angry I had been getting at basically every person I love. But (surprisingly enough) as time has gone on, I've noticed this, and I need a better way to express how I feel.
         We had been doing different ways to write poems in English, and these are the ones I wrote (I know, they might not be the best, but hey- they were fun to write):

Running away from reality,
hide my tears in the rain and release all my troubles,
running away from life for a little while-
it hurts to stay inside my mind for too long,
take stress off my sore and aching heart,
trees heaving long, moaning breaths
in the bitter winds of December,
leaving my life,
happiness stays forever in place of stress and pain.

Resilient in the fave of evil acts,
families in your heart,
I awakened with heaviness,
put on a brave face,
send their kids off-
Disturbed I was
throughout the day,
we cannot tolerate this anymore;
neither can we live in fear.
To be resilient,
I calmed down,
focus againg,
we needed to be strong,
needed to come together,
carry on best we could-
not living in fear-
there isn't enough to make sense of what has happened,
we can make it through the storm,
time to come together,
one love.

        I really only wanted to just put these somewhere. I'm not exactly brave enough to read them aloud, so I figure I'd post it. :D

                                            -Yours truly. :)