Saturday, March 31, 2012

The girl with the shattered happiness

I recently drew this picture of a girl holding a cracking, smiling mask and I thought that it was a good used symbolism. If there are any opinions, please tell me- good or bad, I'd love the feedback. :)
Of late, I have been studying and working my arsh off for exit exams, tests, and just regular days and personally, I think it's crazy that we have to do sooooo much stuff just to earn a good grade or a decent one at least. I mean, I'm tired and I'm trying my best, but I can't help but worry about whether my best is good enough (by the way, this is the first post I'm doing off of my iPod, so if it looks off, tell me 'cause I don't know how it looks).
So yeah. Short post because I'm tired and running out of go-juice (sleep). Please leave some feedback on the picture I drew!!!! :D


  1. That looks great! I can never quite make the ripples in the clothing look good, but you managed to pull it off and to not over exaggerate it. AS for your use of symbolism, i agree in that it would be a great use of it, but I can't figure out what this drawing would mean. Anyway, I cannot find a single flaw in it, except for the knot of the hairband, it just looks a bit funky.

    1. Well see, the symbol of the mask is that of how people often times PRETEND they're happy and content when really, they're broken and hurt. Sometimes, the ones that appear the happiest of them all could be the one in the most pain, y'know?