Saturday, April 28, 2012

Awkward conversations, nicknames, etc.

             Not to disappoint you, but today I'm not going to post a picture. Honestly, today I just want to write. Write about junk. About stupid things that probably don't mean anything. About how socially awkward I am over the phone.  About those weird silences you have between one of your best friends when you realize you have nothing to say or hear- you just stand there. About lord of the rings. About life, essentially. What can I say?
             So I called a friend of mine today for some science stuff I needed and, needless to say, I was awkward. Here's how it kind of went down.
             *Phone starts to ring- I get all spazzy. Phone rings again- I get even more spastic.*
             *Friend answers* "Hello?"
             *I go all out and stumble over my words like I do when I call a family member I haven't talked to for months* "Heeeeeeeeyyyy...!"
              "So......It seems that I've misplaced my science guidelines and I was wondering if you have them..."
              "Oh, so, do you have Mrs. Kind (I have to come up with pseudo names)?"
              *I give a dazed look at my wall as he finally come to realization that I have the class before him* "Oh wait, you have Mrs. Evil- oh yeah."
               *I start laughing with him* "Yeah I have her just like you." Kinda why I called you, I thought.
               "Right, well, why don't I just take pictures of them and then send them to you?"
               *I stop looking for a pen and a notebook* "........yeah, that's a good idea."
               "Ok, on your phone or iPod?"
               "iPod would be great." I sound like a goober ordering in a resturant!!!! What the fudge-ing freakin' fudge is wrong with me?!?!?!? 
               "Ok, so I-"
               "Yeah so I- oh sorry..."
               "No, it's fine you go ahead."
               "Oh, well, so, do you wanna talk 'cause i meanconversationsaregreat and y'knowitwouldbeok....."
               "I'm kinda watching a movie right now......"
               "Oh, gosh, uh, well, should probably go."
               *Awkward laughter is shared over the phone, awkward goodbyes, and a phone slammed into my forehead while I quietly think and say "OhgoshughI'msuchanidiotwhydidn'tIjustcallsomeoneelseisn'titonline?!?!? UGH!!!!"*
               Y'know what's even more horrible about this? I just went online to my school website and when I went to my teachers, the rubric I needed was there. I just printed it out. I just received a face palm.
               In the background, while I'm typing this (about to dork out here :D), the backstage documentary of lord of the rings is playing. This is one of the few documentaries I really enjoy listening to. I've heard knife-making videos, 3-D movie backstage junk, all sorts of boring things, but this documentary is the one that I will actually stop, sit, watch, and LISTEN to. I love it- one of the reasons is because of Dominic Monaghan. He plays Merry/Merri (I'm not quite sure how to spell his name) in all of the movies. There's actually a reason my username is Merri Skywalker.
              As you've probably all guessed, Merri Skywalker is not my real name. I have Merri as my first name because of a time some friends and I were watching Lord of the Rings and we all decided who we were in the fellowship- I was Merri. Skywalker is because in 5th grade (and today, honestly) I wanted everyone to call me Skywalker. My first name, if it were re-arranged, would spell Anakin, and it doesn't help that I'm a star wars junkie- I wanted all of my friends to call me Skywalker!!! I thought it was cool- heck, I still think it's cool!!!!
             I'm sorry that this post is just so long, but for some reason, a lot is going through my mind. School junk, friends, procrastinating, being an idiot. I mean, you only have one life, so why not just go all out and live your life??? I know too many people that are afraid to live out their life. Life is there to live and laugh and love- not to cower in a corner of desolation and despair. What can I say? I have so many stupid, crazy things I want to do before I die, I can't afford to live my life in fear.... :)


  1. HAH! that conversation was hilarious!
    Btw, Eberlie, git it eberLIE?
    YOUR NAME ISN'T MERRY?, I knew you weren't who you said you were.
    now, i usually don't so this, but i'm going to ask you a question, you don't have to reply to this comment, but i would like you to read it none the less. "How do you want to die?", it's a bit strange, but i ask most people i know this. Weather it be old age, or death by heights, or suffocation, or blood loss(I don't think you'll chose that one), or whatever, i want you to look away from your phone(yeah, i know), sit still and calm, and think solidly about it for as long as you can. Think.

    1. I know how I want to die. An uncle of mine just recently passed away (it's really sad- I'm concerned for my family) and I wanna die like him. Die singing in the bathroom when, out of nowhere, I stop and people hear a thud. :D For some reason, I'm sure my uncle's looking down on us, laughing....