Friday, June 21, 2013

Doctor Who Theory

       It's been a while. Not too much has happened in the past while and a half, but enough to write a few sentences down. My cousin (Nate Cashkiller) asked me to be in a fashion show for Paul Mitchell the School called "Pantheon," so that's what I'll be doing this weekend. The show is based off of Greek mythology (such as the title suggests) and he wants me to be Demeter, goddess of the harvest. Although the 5-inch wedge platform shoe jetpack things are difficult to walk in, I think I'll make it to Sunday.
       I just got off of and I placed an order for the most adorable bear case thing for my iPod. I'm pretty excited to get it- I've always enjoyed being able to find things I like in the comfort of my home while wearing my give-up-on-life pants (sweatpants).
       Of late, I've been trying out a new sketching style, so be prepared for some new sketches to come online. I'm rather proud of them. I only hope you'll like them as much as hobbits love second breakfast.
        I wonder who the new doctor is going to be. I am a bit of a Hiddlestoner, so I'm hoping it'll be Tom Hiddleston. I guess the bigger question that I have on my mind is why is the doctor getting younger and younger? I mean, the first one was old as dirt. Now Matt Smith, a beautiful 30 year old man, is playing the doctor (to be quite honest, he looks more like 26, which only proves my point further). Is it part of the story? Is it just because they want to cater to adolescent males and females more? Or is it simply because the best actors were among the youngest people? Here's a theory- y'know how doctors 1-8 were all the doctor for a large amount of time (Tom Baker being the doctor the longest period of time)? Well, maybe since he doesn't regenerate as often, his body is given time to age and deteriorate. All of the younger doctors have only been on for a shorter amount of time (the 9th doctor being the shortest, much to my lament and displeasure). Maybe it's just not giving the bodies a long enough time to really age.
         Well anyways, that's my little Doctor Who theory of the day. Let's move on. In the span of writing this blog post, I looked up trending topics to maybe see what was really good to share my opinion on. I have to say that I have no idea what I'm doing. I don't know any of the trending topics of today and that's probably not a very good thing. It might be because I read a lot and end up just watching Mythbusters and Teen Titans GO! every freaking day (well, that or painting/sketching). Maybe I should start talking to more people. Maybe I need to begin to come out of my shell.

                                                           Naaaah. I've got the internet.
          I think it's time for me to sleep. It's 12.54 AM right now and I have a long day ahead of me, so I suppose this is an awkward way of signing off.


Saturday, May 11, 2013


So again, I find myself sitting in my bedroom, just thinking.
It's been quite a while since I wrote on here.
        School has been interesting. Certainly not freaking amazing, but not too bad, either. I want to write something of some sort of significance, but I can't really think of anything.
I just wanna sleep and yet I want to eat noodles at the same time.
I'm in a pickle right now. >____<

Saturday, January 5, 2013

English happiness.

         I don't know exactly what I should write. It's been awhile (again) since I wrote here, and I've been writing more poems and basically just venting to no one else but a handful of friends/family and God. I feel a lot happier than what I did before, it's quite wonderful. I never really noticed how angry I had been getting at basically every person I love. But (surprisingly enough) as time has gone on, I've noticed this, and I need a better way to express how I feel.
         We had been doing different ways to write poems in English, and these are the ones I wrote (I know, they might not be the best, but hey- they were fun to write):

Running away from reality,
hide my tears in the rain and release all my troubles,
running away from life for a little while-
it hurts to stay inside my mind for too long,
take stress off my sore and aching heart,
trees heaving long, moaning breaths
in the bitter winds of December,
leaving my life,
happiness stays forever in place of stress and pain.

Resilient in the fave of evil acts,
families in your heart,
I awakened with heaviness,
put on a brave face,
send their kids off-
Disturbed I was
throughout the day,
we cannot tolerate this anymore;
neither can we live in fear.
To be resilient,
I calmed down,
focus againg,
we needed to be strong,
needed to come together,
carry on best we could-
not living in fear-
there isn't enough to make sense of what has happened,
we can make it through the storm,
time to come together,
one love.

        I really only wanted to just put these somewhere. I'm not exactly brave enough to read them aloud, so I figure I'd post it. :D

                                            -Yours truly. :)