Monday, August 20, 2012

Texts at 1:30.

         So just the other night, I was falling asleep (as usual) and all of a sudden, I heard a vibration from the side of my bed. In a haze, I reach over and grab my phone to check why. And again, it vibrated. AND AGAIN. I was well awake now and I saw there were 3 messages- all from Raze.
                            "Hey, I'm stalking your blog, and I've found stories about me! Like the one with the rubric with science. :) Love ya, Buddy!"
         After reading this one, I looked at the time; 1:30 A.M.
                            "Sorry, didn't realize it was so late. O.o"
         Of course, this was certainly something that Raze would do. *smirk*
                             "NIGHT! :)"
         Y'see, this is the exact situation I've never been in before. I was kinda awake, so I just replied with what I could think of to begin with.
                             "Lol, awesome! Glad youre my blag stalker, bro. Love ya too, buddy! I was wondering. *stare into space, who is texting me...* Night! :D"
                               Night! :D :D :D"
         I told him I would blog about this, so I know that this isn't exactly the most rewarding of posts but hey- it's a treat for Raze. Jeez, I talk about him like he's a dog. Nonetheless, it was an awkward conversation at nearly 2 in the morning and I honestly didn't really remember it too well until I looked through my phone again.
         Anyways, I finally finished my summer reading a week before school starts and I'm also writing an epic poem. Not epic like "EPIC" but epic as in very long. A story with the rhyming scheme of ABAB. IT'S MUCH MORE DIFFICULT THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. Ugh, I can't stop writing, but it's very hard. :S
         I have a few new pics to post later today. BRACE YOURSELF!!!!
         ......well, this was short. I don't have much to say. I'll be back later to post again!!!!!

Love y'all! <3

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