Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Crazed family eating Cheetos.

         So right now, I'm in little Pearsall, TX and I've noticed my family's gone completely insane. I over-hear my cousins arguing about zombies and whether they run fast or slow (they run slow, by the way). I also see that my grandparents found a turtle and have it in the backyard along with 2 dogs, a pond full of fish, and an oversized cat. My cousin also has a baby whale (oversized beta fish). Oh, the joys of being in America.
         My family's so peculiar. I guess that's why people like my family so much. I think they like them because they just haven't seen them in their natural habitat. My dad is a blacksmith, married to a nurse (match made in clumsy heaven). I am a clumsy little chickee who needs glasses and looks horrible in a bun. My cousin dresses like a spastic beautician and IS a spastic beautician. My other cousin is engaged to a childhood friend and loves his meat and potatoes a little TOO much (kind of round, but it's cool). Lastly, my dog has gotten to be twice the size of what she used to be- she's my fat little sausage.
         I don't really know where else to go with this post. I'm drawing some new pictures and I'll be posting them soon. One is a dog (if Raze is reading this, it's your dog), another is a sweet picture of amazing-ness (it's actually one of my favorites), and some other picture, but I don't know which one yet. Y'know what I've also noticed? Cheetos.
         Cheetos are so...........weird. I mean, they're unnatural and so oddly shaped. It's covered with artificial cheese and it tastes so funky, not to mention the gross texture. The weird thing is that I used to love Cheetos. I ate them ALL THE TIME as a little kid. I don't know what happened, but they're just so gross now.
         I guess this is kind of a short post. It's the shortest post I've ever written. There wasn't really a point to this post, was there? Oh well. It's cool. Anyhow......... Yeah.
                                                        Yours truly,


  1. That makes two of us with turtles we found :)

  2. CHEETOS! I've wondered that for years now, and i've figured it out. Cheese turds. they taste it, and look it, they are cheese turds. Say what you will against it, but the fact remains. They. Are. Cheese. Turds.

  3. Tim, I agree. You and your theories are awesome and make complete sense. Yours truly, you have a very interesting family. I'm more of a Raisin Bran guy.