Saturday, February 25, 2012

These Past Few Days (have been very odd)

                 My, my, where do I start??? So many things have happened in this past week; one of which is what I'll affectionately call as "The Case of the Calculator Stalker." Over the course of a few months, I was assigned a calculator to use when doing algebra. All of us share calculators; mine is number 15. What was happening was that I would receive messages on there from whoever had it earlier. The first few times, it said "you're awesome :)" and that gave me an ego boost (not like I needed one). About a week or so ago, it left the lyrics to one of my favorite songs called "We Are Young" and that completely made my day. But just this past week, it said my name! I found out who this was (it was a great friend of mine), but I still haven't found out who did the other ones.
                 Last weekend, I was previewing a new album by a band I was beginning to become very fond of and (unfortunately) just soiled their good name. In the 1st 20 seconds of the first song, the lead singer dropped the f-bomb, leaving the clue that multiple other words were on their way and needless to say, I didn't need to hear any more. I was heartbroken and left to simply leave my laptop in a room, so if anyone had any good bands they want to recommend, that could help out. It was just such a disappointment and from such a good band, I would expect something better; I wouldn't be surprised if later they just faded into obscurity.
                   This weekend, however, was a bit of an interesting lazy sort-of weekend. I wasn't able to write here during the week because I got busy, but yesterday and most of today, I had some friends over and we watched "Lord of the Rings" (or at least what we could fit in an 8-hour time frame). I couldn't even believe I was able to stay awake for most of it. I love those movies, but please take into consideration the fact that we started watching at about 10-ish and stayed awake until 2:30, then woke up and at about noon watched more until 3. HOW INSANE!!!!!
                    My, my, how will I end??? With the other posts, I had a bit more of a point.... OH! I have an assignment for anyone who opens and reads this blog (not like there are many). Your assignment is to look up "Olan Rogers" on YouTube and watch all of his videos. Trust me, I almost peed when I watched the clips; HILARIOUS! This, by the way, is a little less of an assignment and more of a fun activity. Do this one solid and I will present you with more solids (Ghost in the Stalls- highly recommended). :^]

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