Monday, March 12, 2012

Pearsall, Music, and Procrastinating

                    Right now, as we all know to be true (thank God), is spring break. However, I will be in a town called Pearsall for the next couple of days. I've been running down the battery on my iPod by using instagram too much. I've been posting more and more and even MORE pictures on there. I'll find a way to better occupy my time, but I already know what I have to do.
                          RESEARCH. FOR. PROJECTS. THAT. ARE. SO. TIME-CONSUMING!!!!!!!
                     It's going to sound weird, but has anyone out there noticed that when you're listening to a movie soundtrack, the right song comes up at just the right moment? I have my iPod on shuffle right now, and I've heard 2 songs from lord of the rings already. The thing is that the right songs come up at the right moment. Right now, as I'm having this epiphany, a choir of elves are singing and just as I'm starting to get a brain-writer-block-thing, the music goes into a deep, omnious, dark theme. It's just all so convinent that it happens at just the right time.
                     There was one time I was at the gun show and I was going to the restroom (not unheard of). My headphones were still on, and the song "Bag End" came on from the lord of the rings movie soundtrack. It was calm and peaceful, with flutes and soft wind instruments. But all of a sudden, I got stuck behind these really slow people. Right then, it started to crescendo and go into a desperate, creepy tone. I had to cover my mouth to try my best not to laugh out loud. Right after I got out from behind them, the song went back to the gentle, soothing melody it was before and when I walked into the restroom, the song started to decrescendo. By the time I was washing my hands, the song ended and the next song came.
                      Music always has a funny way of jamming it's funky foot into the door of your life. At the exact moment you slam the door in it's face, you look down and see a crooked foot stuck at the bottom, preventing the door from being closed. Somehow, it always shows back up, whether you want him or not. :)

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